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  Living without happiness really is not worth living. Every since I was a small child there has been a place for me to go relax and relieve stress, basically just to be happy and at peace. The river and it’s small but calming beach have always been my special place.

 When I was a little girl the breeze coming from the waters gently rolling waves and the sound of the seagulls and cars going over the bridge have always calmed and secured me.  The Susquehanna river was located near my childhood home in Havre de Grace , Maryland, and it was always the place I went to just to get away from my every day life. I could go to the river and be alone or spend time with family. the river was always the best place in the world to me.

 Alot of my best and most horrifying memories happened at the river. My Uncle Allen, who has passed, spent alot of time with me at the river fishing,just me and him. My mom ,who is now very ill, used to have family cookouts at the river and spend alot of time wiyh my sibblings and I swimming and playing games at my special getaway. Furthermore, the river was the place I went when I was feeling down to talk to my best friend ,Michael Pangburn, whom I had watch drown there when I was only9 years old.

 The river is a very important place to me for many reasons, and even now that I am grown I still go to the river to relax and cheer up on bad days, and the hour ride is worth it. I don’t know what I would do if the river disapeared or was no longer able to be accsed. The river is the most important place in my life.


 Every year at the end of the heat wave, the adults and children in my family all emeet at the creek bank. The sounds of the waves quietly hitting the rocks and dirt is drowned out by laughter and air pumps filling tubes. When the tubes are filled we begin our adventure down the slow moving water.

 The sounds of gossip, laughter, and now fast moving rapids fill the air. The sun shines down brightly like rays of gold, tanning our skin. I can feel the rubber of the tube on my back and the waves massaging my body. Everyone is very relaxed and enjoying themselves.

 After awhile we stop to build a fire. The smell of burning wood, and roasting hot dogs and marshmellows fill the air. Splashes are heard from the children swimming. After the food is gone and the children are tired out we continue our journey down the creek.

  When the sun begins to set making a beautiful painting in the sky, and the bridge comes into veiw we all know are adventure is over. My family and I all pack up and say goodbye to uor last warm get together. We can hardly wait until next summer.

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